SkyDiving Center

Welcome to our world ...

Where the Skydiving is a way of life and where each day is unique, exciting and full of adrenaline!!!

Where? Skydiving Center waits for you at only 17 km from the center of Bucharest, on Bucuresti Alexandria road, DN 6 / E 70, the entrance into Cornetu village, on the right side, where the airfield Clinceni indicator, Airclub "Aurel Vlaicu" will direct you straight to us.

Lat: 44.3600035524092
LNG: 25.9325408935547

Come and experience the incomparable feeling of the first parachute leap next to a professional team. Skydiving offers tandem leaps, accelerated free fall training (AFF), or jumps with automatic opening (Static Line).
Our methods of training, as also all the equipment are aligned with the latest technology trends, while all Skydiving instructors have both international license, as also the one issued by the Romanian Civil Aeronautic Authority.

And because we know how busy is your schedule during the week, you advised that Skydiving Center operates on weekends and holidays. You have no reason to not be with us!

ATTENTION! The credit card payment can also be run directly at the aerodrome.